Department of Pharmacoinformatics

The Department of Pharmacoinformatics has been offering a two-year M.S.(Pharm.) Pharmacoinformatics since its inception in 2007, and a four-years Ph.D.(Pharm.) Pharmacoinformatics program since 2016. There are currently 16 and 2 seats available under M.S.(Pharm.) and Ph.D. Pharmacoinformatics program, respectively, which are filled through NIPER-JEE conducted every year. In addition, two seats under M.S.(Pharm.) program are available for Physically Handicapped candidates to be adjusted in any discipline.

Pharmacoinformatics is a very specialized discipline that involves the development and application of computational methodologies in the area of drug discovery and development. It integrates various scientific and technological disciplines like chemistry, biology, pharmacology, pharmaceutical technology and an extensive use of information technology. Broadly, pharmacoinformatics is recognized as a tool for drug discovery and development, and is widely used by the academic institutions and pharmaceutical industries in collaboration with scientists from other disciplines in researching and developing new effective and safe drugs for various kinds of diseases/disorders. Research in pharmacoinformatics requires an in-depth knowledge of computer programming, chemistry and biology along with focus on information about drug-receptor interactions. It allows for collaboration with other scientists in finding new drugs or therapeutics for various diseases of unmet need. The students pursuing M.S.(Pharm.) Pharmacoinformatics degree are exposed towards fundamental and practical knowledge of the bioinformatics, target identification, Hit/Lead identification, Lead optimization, and the design and optimization of pharmaceutically active compounds or drugs. Altogether, well-trained pharmacoinformaticians put on their fundamental and practical knowledge of pharmacoinformatics to accelerate the process of drug discovery.

The faculty in the Pharmacoinformatics department are engaged in various levels of research activities with emphasis on discovery and optimization of novel pharmaceutically active agents for various diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, type-II diabetes, obesity, pulmonary and neurodegenerative diseases.