NIPER Examination

  • The student shall be required to take two written examinations for each theory course, one mid-term examination and other end-term examination; For any course, the distribution of marks will be 20% for Mid-term, 20% for internal assessment and 60% for End semester examination;
  • The student also shall have to undertake laboratory work, workshops and home assignments, which shall be evaluated;
  • The student shall be awarded Grade on the basis of Mid- and End-Term Examinations, laboratory work, workshop assignment and home assignments;
  • Where the course has been assigned one lecture every week during the semester, such course shall have the weightage of one credit. However, certain courses can be assigned more than one credit subject to a maximum of three credits;
  • Where laboratory and experimental course(s) have been assigned five hours every week such course(s) shall have one credit. Where there is need for deviation from this, prior approval of Board of Studies and Research shall be mandatory;
  • Where a student remains absent in any examination, he or she shall be awarded F grade.

Grading System
Repitition Of Examination
Cancellation Of Registration
Mid Term Examination
Qualifying Criteria For the Award of Mater''s Degree
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